What People Are Saying

The soul path reading with Eloise was absolutely mind blowing. The information kept flowing and flowing, bringing my questioning into perspective and to hear and feel a confirmation of the next steps in my life. Authenticity with a rare skill made me feel so many steps closer to my soul path and I feel guided and lovingly connected. Thank you so much Eloise for sharing your magical gifts in service.


Babette Lockhart

Student, Oct 2019

WOW. What a Holy Profound Experience. Eloise Bennett is 1000% following her calling. I was ending a month and a half long pilgrimage and My house host recommended seeing this amazing woman. The things Eloise Bennett confirmed. The things she knew that only my angels and soul could know. She assisted me in guiding me on what my angels were sharing and the chills and knowing I experienced at a cellular level can not be put into words. Thank you for your commitment. Your service. Your surrendering. Your heart. Your space. I have worked with so many who work in the spirit world and BY FAR, this was the most spot on accurate and KNOWING of trusting in the guidance that I have experienced in the 6 years of my souls journey. THANK YOU!


Casey Plouffe

Student, Dec 2019

Eloise is an incredible woman who works carefully and in-depth to help you tune into your own very best options and paths ahead. I have worked with Eloise regularly for more than two years and she has helped me to develop my own intuition and to make massive progress in my professional and personal life. She has helped me to find clarity and guidance where needed. She provides insights that are clear and helpful and healing where needed. She is a valuable part of my team and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for insights, understanding and healing.


Dorte Ertboll

Student, Aug 2019