The Seven Sacred Flames Retreat

Mount Shasta

4th – 10th May 2020

Seven Sacred Flames

Incorporating the teachings of Adama, Aurelia, the Ascended Masters and star beings of Telos.

This is an inward journey for each participant to work on their Ascension Process and deepen their bond and connection with one’s own I AM Presence and sacred heart.

Each day we will travel to various locations in nature for meditation, creating your own “mini” vision quest with the opportunity to journal your inner experiences and reflect on the Flame represented that day.

As you enjoy a this 7 day retreat and amerce yourself in the energies of the seven sacred flames. The meditations, transmissions and activations will aid your mind, body and spirit on your Ascension process.

• Learn about the Angels, Masters and Mighty Elohim of the Rays.
• Learn about the healing properties of each ray and how to incorporate this into your daily life.
• Guided visualisations and transformational ascension techniques.
• Attunement’s to the seven sacred Flames.
• Ascension Ceremony.

This is your journey and we want you to luxuriate in the beautiful natural surroundings of Mount Shasta as you integrate the energies of the Seven Sacred Flames so your afternoons and evenings will be free for integration and relaxation.

Monday 4th ~The Royal Blue Ray ~The Divine Flame of the Will of Mother/ Father God
Archangel Michael, Lady faith and El Morya
Meditation at Lake Siskiyou

Tuesday 5th ~The Rose-Pink Ray ~The Divine Flame of the Love of Mother/ Father God
Archangel Chamuel , lady Charity and Paul the Venetian
Vision Quest/Meditation at Heart Lake

Wednesday 6th ~The Emerald Green Ray ~The Divine Flame of Healing and Abundance
Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary and Master Hilarion
Jade Temple Meditation for healing and Manifestation

Thursday 7th ~The Purple and Golden Ray ~ The Divine Flame of Resurrection and Restoration
Archangel Uriel, Lady Aurora, Jeshua and Magdalene
Vision Quest/Meditation at Castle Lake and optional Wesak celebration.

Friday 8th ~The Pure Dazzling White Ray ~The Divine Flame of Ascension and Purification
Archangel Gabriel, Lady Hope and Serapis Bey
Stewart Mineral Springs for Purification and Ascension Ceremony

Saturday 9th ~ The Violet Ray ~ The Divine Flame of Transmutation and Freedom
Archangel Zadkiel, Lady Amethyst and St Germain
Vision Quest/Meditation on the Mountain.

Sunday 10th~The Yellow Ray ~The Divine Flame of Wisdom and Illumination
Archangel Jophiel, Lady Christine and Lord Kuthumi
Vision Quest/Meditation in Nature

Investment £555 to include pdf Seven Sacred flames Book on booking and seven sacred flames Oracle cards during retreat.
Early bird £444 if paid for by 11th February 2020.

Please not that flights, Insurance, visa, Accommodation, Hire car and food are not included in the fee of £444

Return flight from London Heathrow can be booked through Heather from Dream wish Do. Heather Thomas

01 MAY From London Heathrow. 10.25 Arrival SAN Francisco 13.58

01 MAY From SAN Francisco 15.58 Arrival Redding 17.05.

10 MAY From Redding 17.40 arrival SAN Francisco 18.49

11 MAY From SAN Francisco 12.25 Arrival London Heathrow 0.6.55 +1 (12/05)

the flights include Group seating 23kg hold luggage and cabin luggage of up to 10kg.

We are proposing Air B&B in downtown Mt Shasta houses where a group of four share.

There organic markets, restaurants and coffee shops we will be spoilt for choice.
My favourite being the amazing Berry Vale organic Grocer ( Berry vale’s mission is to nourish their world through food, knowledge and community.

Hire car from Redding
Asley and Antony are designated drivers we will hire 2 people carriers for the group
We expect the cost to be around £150 per person.

Please note you are responsible for your own travel insurance and your ESTA.
The ESTA fee is $14

Book Place Today!

Investment £555 to include pdf Seven Sacred flames Book on booking and seven sacred flames Oracle cards during retreat.
To book a place please email Eloise via her contact page
or text/WhatsApp + 44 (0)7977 583224

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