Magdalene Rose Healing

Bespoke Magdalene Rose Healing Package £333

To include: –

60 mins Magdalene Rose Oracle® Reading over skype.

30 mins Distance Magdalene Rose Healing and Womb Blessing.

Distance Venus Rose Attunement transmission. 

Membership to the online Magdalene Rose Virtual platform.

Healing coaching workbook with supportive Decrees and Affirmations.

Hi! I’m Eloise Bennett Author of the Magdalene Rose Healing oracle®, Channel and founder of Magdalene Rose Healing and I am here to support you in in your expansion, aligning you to your highest potential on your pathway and divine Mission I’m excited to work with you!

Magdalene Rose Healing is Dimensional Light body Healing where we set the intent to access and heal the root of your physical/emotional imbalances, Karmic patterns, struggles and challenges that are you experiencing in day-to-day life. In your etheric healing we work with high frequency alchemy, Rose gold diamond light to create accelerated and effective healing within your mind, body, and soul.

The Magdalene Rose Healing takes you deep into your past life, and childhood wounding, so that we can release, transmute, and transform old cords, and stagnant energy from your energetic womb space or Hara. We also release any karma, vows, contracts, and agreements that no longer serve your highest good. To creates freedom, expansion and sovereignty in your feminine, sexual energy and Womb space.

Every Session is unique, and you will receive exactly what you need to make the most effective shift onto your highest pathway.

Part One ~ Experience a Bespoke Magdalene Rose Oracle® Reading with Eloise

Receive Divine Healing, Guidance and Bodywork from The Seraphim, Mary Magdalene, the Venus Rose Linage, the sisterhood of the Rose and the Magdalene Knights.

Are you seeking clarity about your relationships, health, career, or life’s purpose? Are you ready to heal blockages, release outdated beliefs, and truly transform your life? 

Receive Divine guidance and Healing from Your higher self, Soul, celestial team, and the Venus Rose linage.

Introducing Eloise Bennett, a Magdalene oracle with over 30 years’ experience as a professional card reader with her international clientele.

Eloise’s intuitive gifts have illuminated countless paths. Recognized as a clairvoyant since childhood, she’s not only a certified angel therapy™ practitioner but also graduate of the mediumship program led by Dr. Doreen virtue.

Eloise believes that our destinies are co-created with Mother/ Father god and are influenced by our choices. The universe offeres limitless pathways, an Oracle card reading or an intuitive coaching session with her is akin to gazing upon a cosmic map, revealing your opportunities on your path and life’s mission.

Guided by the Angels, your soul’s voice, and Eloise’s profound connection to her Magdalene Rose Healing Oracle® you will experience the insights of the archangels, ascended masters, and the wisdom your higher self. Drawing from her deep reservoir of oracular, psychic, intuitive, and mediumship talents, Eloise aims to navigate you towards your highest potential.

Part Two ~ Experience a Bespoke Magdalene Rose Healing with Eloise

  • Discover your Life purpose and Mission. 
  • Balance your Emotions.
  • Clear old thought forms and belief patterns.
  • Clear old vows contracts and agreements that no longer serve you.
  • Clear past Karmic patterns
  • Clear your womb of stagnant energy and cords from past partners.
  • Clear past wounding’s and abuse including that of a sexual nature.
  • Awaken your Magdalene codes and Sacred Feminine Gifts.
  • Accelerate Spiritual Growth and Healing.
  • Manifest your Highest Purpose
  • Connect on a deeper level to your heart, soul, and higher self.

Part Three ~ Experience a distance Venus Rose Activation /Attunement.

  • After our healing Oracle session, we choose the perfect Rose Transmissions for your needs, and you can work through this in your own time on the online Platform.



You will receive a range support during this session which will include some of the following: 

Magdalene Rose Oracle® Reading.

Magdalene Rose Healing and Womb blessing.

A Venus Rose Attunement Activation.

A Coaching workbook with Healing Decrees and Affirmations.

  • Chakra clearing and balancing.
  • Aura Clearing.
  • Mental and Emotional healing.
  • Inner Child healing.
  • Sexual Abuse healing.
  • Past Life Clearing.
  • Soul Purpose Guidance

One off 20-minute WhatsApp voice message feedback time to discuss the session and ask any questions.

Work with Eloise and embrace her guidance, as she shines light on your soul path, empowering you to manifest your heart’s desiresYour journey to self- realization and fulfilment starts here!

After making payment, please contact Eloise via text or WhatsApp to book your pampering session.

+44 (0) 7977 583224 


Magdalene Rose Healing Retreats

Magdalene Rose Healing® Retreat £555

Join Eloise in Avalon for a three-day Non-residential Magdalene Rose Healing Retreat® Where we will awaken our ancient memories of the Red Tent.

During this Alchemical workshop, we will be working with Magdalene’s mystical teachings and the frequency of the way of love to reactivate the Christos and Sophia codes of light and the Magdalene flame within. 

My Passion is to guide the Sacred feminine to Ascend again to her rightful place as an equal to Sacred Masculine. So that they can work together to heal the world. This retreat will give you many simple and natural techniques to transform your life by living from the heart, igniting the Magdalene and Christ light within you.

During the 3 days Healing retreat some of the exercises we will cover are:

  • Personal Preparation for Spiritual Work
  • Magdalene Rose Healing Attunement.
  • The Sisterhood of the Rose.
  • Avalon sisterhood of the Rose Priestess Ritual.
  • Meditation to Connect to your Womb Cave.
  • Magdalene / Sophia Attunement’s.
  • Self-healing of the womb.
  • Sacred Sound with the Hathor’s to Heal the Womb.
  • The Red Tent and the Moon cycles.
  • Unplugging from the False Womb Grid.
  • Womb Decrees.
  • Self – healing of Shadow and Sorcerer.
  • Sisterhood of the Rose Becoming the Queen.
  • Womb rites.

In Glastonbury

Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th March 2024 

10am- 6.30 pm 


3 Days Training, A Magdalene Rose Healing Manual, Certificates and Refreshments. 

Magdalene Rose Healing® Level Two ~ Practitioners Course.

To Attend the Magdalene Rose Healing® Practitioners Course you must have first completed the Magdalene Rose Retreat

Here are some of the exercises we will cover in our 3-day course:

  • Magdalene Rose Healing Attunement.
  •  Creating your professional practice.
  • How to do a professional Magdalene Rose healing® treatments.
  • Womb Healing with Sacred sound.
  •  Toning with the Hathor’s and Magdalene’s.
  • Healing with Tuning forks.
  • Womb health and well-being.
  • Working with crystals for the Divine Feminine.
  • Transformational Meditations and exercises.

In Glastonbury

Friday 7TH – Sunday 9TH June 2024

10am- 6.30 pm 


3 Days Training, A Magdalene Rose Healing® Practitioners Manual, Crystals, Certificates and Refreshments. 

Magdalene Rose Healing Oracle

The Magdalene Rose Healing Oracle emanates the mystical teachings and frequencies held by the Mary Magdalene and Venus Rose lineage. The cards will help you to discover your mission here on earth and how best to navigate it. The rose images and mandalas will activate the Magdalene Oracle within.

The Oracle will bring you healing guidance from Mary Magdalene and the Sisterhood of the Rose concerning home, love, relationships, family, health, career and life purpose. It will empower you to help heal and clear blocks that could be preventing you from achieving your highest potential. 

Apart from the foundation cards of Sacred Divine Feminine and Sacred Divine Masculine, Mary Magdalene and the Seraphim, the deck includes diverse titles such as Seraphic Bee, Myrrhophore (‘Myrrh Bearer’), Lady Avalon, Star of Bethlehem, Dolphins, Elven, Mother Earth and Create a Sacred Space.  

The Oracle includes 45 cards and a detailed guidebook which includes suggestions for spiritual practice as well as corresponding invocations, affirmations, crystals, and essential oils for each message. You will learn how to care for, use and interpret the cards to give accurate readings and receive inspiring and encouraging messages for yourself, friends, family, and clients. 

Magdalene Rose Healing Oracle®

You will also receive membership at Magdalene Rose Healing virtual temple, a complimentary Magdalene Rose mini course and empowerment, a downloadable journal/workbook for your Oracle readings, and information on the sacred oils of the Magdalene’s.



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