About Eloise

Eloise Bennett

Eloise Bennett is an international Spiritual teacher, Magdalene Rose Priestess, Womb Keeper, Angel Therapy Practitioner™, Angelic  Reiki Master™, Crystal Master Teacher, originator of Magdalene Healing® and Seraphim Healing®and a Intuitive life coach.  She has been blessed to worked with some great teachers such as Diana Cooper, Doreen Virtue, Daniel Mitel, Philip Permutt, Anaiya Sophia, Ishtara Rose, and Zlatko Kanda.

She grew up on a smallholding in Hertfordshire where she was surrounded by nature, living holistically. A sensitive Star seed ~ Indigo who felt she had just been dropped off by the mother ship to planet earth. From a young age she was aware of the Angelic realms, fairies, star beings and Spirit and had a close affinity with the Plant and Animal kingdom, where her psychic and healing abilities became apparent.

When she was 11 she moved to Pembrokeshire near the Preselli blue stones a very spiritual area, which supported her beliefs and enabled her to evolve.

In her early 20’s Eloise started to developed her clairvoyant, clairaudient  clairsentient, mediumship and telepathic abilities which she utilized during her Intuitive readings for people to give them guidance  and insights in their lives.

At this point she studied various complementary therapies, which lead to a busy Reiki practice where the Angels assisted her. In 2001she trained as a Reiki Master, also training in Angel and Ascension teachings at the Diana cooper school where she was appointed principal master teacher in wales for 12 years.

In 2015 Eloise started working with the Christos and Sophia Emanations  and trained as a womb keeper, her Passion is to guide the Sacred feminine to Ascend again to her rightful place as an equal to Sacred Masculine. So that they can work together to heal the world.

Eloise’s also works with and supports Metatron’s Children and has trained and empowered some of them to nurture and embrace their spiritual gifts and abilities in order to bring harmony, well-being and peace to planet earth.

Eloise now lives in Glastonbury, she is a world renowned facilitator who leads transformational courses and workshops internationally, where she empowers people transform their lives, find their Soul purpose and Ascension pathway through unconditional Love.  She has inspired the lives of many creating a touch of heaven on earth.



The Heart of Mary Magdalene Reiki (Ishtara Rose) December 2019

Rose Reiki (Ishtata Rose) December 2019

Journeys into the Heart Teacher Training (The school of the Heart~ Daniel Mitel) June 2018

13th rite of the Munay-Ki the Rites of the Womb ( Chloe Isidora ) June 2018

Journeys into the Heart (The school of the Heart~ Daniel Mitel) July 2017

Kriya Yoga Initiation Level two (The school of the Heart~ Daniel Mitel)August 2016

Kriya Yoga Initiation Level one (The school of the Heart~ Daniel Mitel)January 2015

Assertiveness Coach (Doreen Virtue) 2014

Sacred Geometry Healer (Zlatko Kanda) October 2014

Awakening the Illuminated Heart (School of Remembering) September 2013

Golden Heart Merkaba of Creation (Christine Core) September 2013

Shamballa Master Healer (Kevin and Christine Core) March 2013

Unicorn Teacher (Diana Cooper School) July 2012

Magnified Healing® Teacher (Birkan Tore) April 2011

Atlantean Healing Master (Birkan Tore) April 2011

Atlantean Healing Practitioner (Birkan Tore) January 2010

Lemurian Healing Teacher (Diana Cooper School) July 2010

Angelic Reiki® Masters (William Jackson) April 2010

Angelic Reiki®1st & 2nd Degree Practitioner Level (Susan Rudd) July 2009

Crystals & Crystal Healing Master Teacher (Philip Permutt) November 2008

Crystals & Crystal Healing Practitioners course (Philip Permutt) November 2008

Crystals & Crystal Healing Part 1 (Philip Permutt) September 2008

Munay Ki Rites (Susan Palmer) September 2008

Aura Soma foundation (Mike booth & Vicky Wall) April 2008

Karuna Reiki® Master (William Lee Rand) June 2007

Transform your life Master Teacher (Diana Cooper School) October 2007

Atlantis Master Teacher (Diana Cooper School) March 2007

Mediumship Programme (Doreen Virtue) April 2006

Angel Therapy PractitionerÔ(Doreen Virtue) May 2005

EFT Level 2 (Jane Raworth) January 2005

Reiki Master Teacher Usui (Annabel Fox) January 2003

Angel Teacher (Diana Cooper School) March 2003

Ascension Teacher (Diana Cooper School) September 2002

Reiki and Palliative Care (Jacqueline Palmer) (CPD) July 2001

Diploma in Aromatherapy (IIHHT) June 2000

Indian Head Massage BSYA (I.H) September 1999

Body Massage Certificate VAI (IIHHT) July 1999

Feng Shui Diploma (BSYA) September 1998

Reiki 2nd Degree Usui Shiki Ryoho (Jane Raworth) May 1998

Colour Therapy Diploma (BSYA) (Col) November 1997

Reiki 1st Degree Usui Shiki Ryoho (Jane Raworth) October 1997