Sarah Tamar

Happy Magdalene Monday 30th October

Today’s card from the Magdalene Rose Healing oracle is: Sarah Tamar ~ Align yourself to the new Earth.

Expanded message: Mary Magdalene was Yeshua’s beloved companion and Bride through Sacred Union in pure love. During the unification of the male and female polarities, aligned with Mother/Father God, they created Sarah Tamar, the Holy Grail, a Divine Child that was karma free. Sarah is over lighting the new consciousness that is taking root among us now and is helping the children of the New Earth. Sarah had all the gifts that her parents did and continued teaching their work of the way of love. Sarah worked with healing, crystals, herbs, sound, and sacred oils as did her mother. We are here on this planet at this time to become Divine Humans in a world of polarity, to experience life grounded on earth with our Higher Self anchored within.

Let Sarah, the Queen of the Blue Rose, be your guiding light and shelter as we transition into the New Age. Sarah teaches us how to lovingly adapt during adversity and initiations. Sarah is leading you through the doorway to higher dimensions and sharing her galactic star wisdom with you.

Working with Sarah Tamar: Fully align to your New Earth timeline as a sovereign being, help to vision and seed the New Earth. Ask Sarah to teach you about her unique sound vibrations for the New Earth. Share the teachings of the way of love from your heart. Speak your truth, heal through your heart and voice. Set strong boundaries, stop trying to fit in, trust your heart, rise above the material world.

Affirmation: I am aligned to the New Earth.

Essential oil: Blue Tansy, Yarrow, Silver Fir.

Crystal: Star Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Tanzanite.

Love and blessings Eloise 🌹