Happy Magdalene Monday 16th October

Today’s card from my Magdalene Rose Oracle is: Isis ~ it’s time to claim the sovereign power of your womb and your sacred sexuality.

Expanded message: Isis, the Queen of the Nile from the Hathor lineage, is a multi-faceted moon goddess. As a goddess of life, truth and magic, Isis protects women and children. Her symbols are the ankh, her wings, and her throne headdress. She is the sister, twin flame and faithful wife of Osiris. Isis and Osiris had a son called Horus. Isis has great powers, the most famous being resurrection when she brought Osiris back to life through Sacred Union. Isis had many temples dedicated to her throughout Egypt and Europe. Her great works went underground but carried on as the worship of Mother Mary. Mary is thought to be an incarnation of Isis; they are both referred to as the Queen of Heaven and the Star of the Sea. The temples of Isis are well known for the work of sacred sensuality, resurrection and miraculous healings through the power of the womb, the Great Rite and Sacred Union. If you’re reading this card, you may have soul memories of your time in the Isis temples in either Alexandria or Philae. Isis teaches us to have compassion for ourselves, to see the beauty within, to find confidence and self-worth. She guides us to work with the creative lifeforce of our womb, the serpent energy, for healing, purification, grace and abundance. She reminds us that we are beautiful, whole and complete just as we are.

Working with Isis: Claim the sovereignty of your womb. Balance your work, rest, and play. Ask Isis to put you on your highest pathway as a Light Bearer of the New Earth.

Invoke: I now invoke Isis to enfold me in Her wings of safety and protection.

Affirmation: My womb is sacred, sovereign and pure.

Essential oil: Myrrh, Blue Lotus, Rose, Cassia and Camphor.

Crystal: Isis Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Malachite.

If you would like to work deeper with Isis this week I have my Isis blue moon Reiki on offer please see link in bio.

Love and blessings Eloise 🌹