Happy Magdalene Monday 16th October

This week’s Magdalene Rose Oracle card is Mermaids.

Sacred wells and healing waters have been tended to for thousands of years by the Well maidens/ Mer priestesses who come from the Mer line of Ancient Grandmothers and Womb Keepers. These beautiful women were water bearers, ladies of the Grail teachings, protectors of the earth and the sacred waters of the womb. The Grail/Well maidens were also Oracles, and they shared their sacred feminine craft and became the Marys of the Magdalene Rose tradition. Mermen worked with water for initiation through baptism and included John the Baptist and Yeshua.

Mermaids teach us about oceanic consciousness; that there is an abundance of good for everyone. We have the ability to attract, create and manifest everything we need while having a fun and playful life! Connect with the Mermaid or Merman within.

The Mermaids and Mermen are reminding you of the sacredness of water. All ancient civilisations honoured the sacred healing energy of water and they would create temples with healing baths, water features and pools within them so that the population could refresh, rejuvenate, purify and cleanse their mind, body, cells and soul with water’s magical properties. Water has sacred geometry, knowledge and wisdom within it. When we drink water charged with love, healing or light, it instantly refreshes us, as we are made up of so much water.

Working with Water and Mer energy: Drink more water charged with love/chanting or placed on the mandalas in this Oracle deck. Have regular Himalayan or sea salt baths to purify and detox your body. Visit a sacred well, a river or the sea and allow yourself to be enfolded in the healing waters. Allow your life to flow like the ebb and flow of the tide.

Affirmation: As I drink water it refreshes my mind, body, emotions and soul.

Essential oil: Rosemary, Lavender, Myrtle and Cedarwood.

Crystal: Aquamarine, Larimar, Ocean Jasper, Neptunite, vintage Pearl.

Love and blessings Eloise