Lady Avalon

Happy Magdalene Monday 2nd October

Today’s card from my Magdalene Rose Oracle is Lady Avalon: Lady Avalon is calling you Home.

Expanded message: Avalon is a 5th dimensional portal and sacred space in the town of Glastonbury, Somerset, England. It carries a heart frequency that can only be accessed by those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Lady Avalon is also known as ‘Our Lady of Glastonbury’, the Lady of the Lake or Apple Woman.

She is the mighty goddess and principality angel that overlights Glastonbury and the surrounding land. (Some believe she is an aspect of Mother Mary or the Black Madonna.) You can find her in the mists, the sacred wells, the trees, and the bird song. She will reach out to you with signs and synchronicities. She lures you to her enchanting domain and you may never leave again… She is a goddess of transformation, alchemy, darkness and light. She is not for the faint-hearted. She will shake up your life, slay your ego, and put you in touch with your deepest fears and shadows so that you can bring them into the light; in this way you can heal, love, and integrate those parts of yourself so you become whole again. Through this inner alchemy you can balance the polarities within and become the Divine Human.

Lady Avalon teaches us to go into our hearts for answers, to surrender and become a sovereign being. Through the use of her Violet Lilac Flame of Avalon, you are able to let go, forgive yourself and others, transform your life, and claim your sovereignty so you may experience freedom and joy.

Working with the Flame of Lady Avalon: Make a pilgrimage to Avalon, connect to the keys and codes in the land. Train as a priestess of Avalon. Visualise the Flame of Avalon flowing through your mind, emotions, body, cells, and soul, cleansing and clearing all unwanted energies from your being. Visualise the Flame enfolding and healing you.

Affirmation: I am the Avalon Flame of sovereignty, forgiveness, and joy.

Essential oil: Lavender, Vervain, Galbanum, Violet leaf.

Crystal: Amethyst, Labradorite.

Love and blessings Eloise