Mother Mary

Happy Magdalene Monday

Today’s card from the Magdalene Rose Healing oracle is Mother Mary ~ Love unconditionally and hold all in the wholeness of god’s love and light.

Expanded message: Unconditional love is true love and affection without any limitations or conditions. Unconditional love can be used to describe love between family members, and those in committed spiritual relationships. This higher form of love is when we love another without expectation, attachment, or agenda – unlike ego love which has attachment, pain, jealousy, and other unwanted traits. However, unconditional love does not mean we stay in unstable, toxic relationships; we can forgive, be compassionate and love unconditionally from a distance, still holding the person in love but protecting ourselves. Unconditional love starts with ourselves. How can we possibly love another deeply if we do not love ourselves? We can’t look outside of ourselves for love, only we can fulfil that role. As we work on self-love, self-worth and valuing ourselves, we will see that love naturally turns up in our life. When we love unconditionally, we hold all in the wholeness and light of Mother/Father God. In truth, our Higher Self is perfectly whole and complete.

Working with unconditional love: Love yourself and others unconditionally. Work on self-love and self-worth. Appreciate what a beautiful unique being you are! Invoke the Seraphim and Mary Magdalene to anoint you with their unconditional love.

Invoke: I now invoke the angels of unconditional love to enfold me.
Affirmation: I am unconditional love.
Essential oil: Rose, Neroli, Jasmine.
Crystal: Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, Aqua Aura, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite.